Tuesday 17 December 2013

Thank-you Team Farnes

'The Class of 2013'

Top birders Will (left) and Ciaran (right)

Thank-you to Laura, Bex and Graeme

Smiles all round Sam, David and Andy

Jonathan looking chilled

Tuesday 17th December comments: The dust has settled, the islands are quiet and the team have now settled into mainland life. Central heating, running water, flushing toilets and Internet signal are now just some of the 'luxuiries' the team have now got and I suspect I would struggle to persuade them to return to the islands at this very minute in time.

However I would just like to thank the 'Class of 2013' as it has been an incredibly tough but hugely rewarding season. From mid-March the team have worked hard, putting everything into the Farnes which has made it the success it has become.

From record numbers of visitors to the Puffin census, from the endless media work to the long hours; I thank each and everyone of you. We've had some great times (the Hoopoe day will live long in the memory) and its been such a memorable season. It's been a real privilege to live and work with you all this year and as a head ranger, I couldn't ask anything more of you. 

Thank you to each and every one of you; Graeme, Sam, Bex, Laura, Ciaran, Will, David, Jonathan and Andy. You did the Farne Islands proud. Enjoy your rest (and those warm showers!)

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