Monday, 9 December 2013

Lift Off!

8am on Saturday...our final boat arrives

Army of rangers and boatmen load the boat

...and say goodbye to Farnes 2013

celebrations begin

WHAT a season!

Mainland bound...a boat full

Hard work begins in Seahouses

Moving day continues

Monday 9th December comments: Goodbye Farnes 2013. Saturday morning arrived and the team were up early (6am to be precise and it was still pitch dark) but departure day had arrived. The jetties were stacked, the final clean complete and the doors locked. We were ready to leave.

As dawn broke, the boat arrived first at Brownsman, then Inner Farne to collect the team and kit before eventually backing out of the Inner Farne jetty at 08:38 and that was it. The Farnes season was over. We’ve accomplished some great successes this season; the seabirds had a remarkable summer, Puffins are up, record numbers of people visited and the ranger team were outstanding. However it was time to say goodbye.

After a short journey through Inner Sound and after much rejoicing celebration, we reached the mainland. The hard work began here as we still had the small matter of moving all the kit into winter storage, sort through all the rubbish and recycling and ensure everything was accounted for. However things never go smoothly and we had one more final twist to our day but more on that tomorrow...

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kezia said...

David and everyone I do hope you have a wonderful break , happy xmas to you all and a very happy new year . I have not commented much but I promise I have followed you every step of the way with Davids tweet - and he spends his day tweeting !!!!!!! Take care all and hope to come over 2014 xx