Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The calm before…

St.Cuthbert's Chapel main stain glass window

All shut down for the winter

Recycling ready for the mainland

Final water supply arrives

Seal count continues

Thursday weather. Oh boy. Windy!

Tuesday 3rd December comments: Welcome to the crunch. It’s the teams final week on the Farnes as we prepared for the mainland and close down the islands. It’s a big week with some big jobs as packing up for the winter is no easy task.

Everything from closing down the buildings, to moving rubbish and recycling off the Farnes has to be co-ordinated and organised. The team take full advantage of every minute of daylight available as things needing sorting.

Today we even squeezed a seal mission in, to count the latest number of pups born since our last visit. A total of 69 were discovered bringing our autumn total to 1,487 pups. It’s been another busy season and our population looks stable. The last count will be done on Friday as we depart the islands on Saturday……Or will we?!

It’s never that straight forward on the islands. All eyes are now glancing at the weather, as early reports indicate there is a serious storm about to batter us. We have been stuck for days in the past and nearly ran out of food in one year.


You bet. Seven rangers, two miles of sea, one big storm. Game on.

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