Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It'll be all white on the night

Arctic Stunner...Ivory Gull in Seahouses (Ian Fisher)

Not a bad view (Ian Fisher)

Farnes team enjoying the moment

Checking out the Ivory
Tuesday 10th December comments: So we had made it. The team reached Seahouses early on Saturday morning but the cleaning up operation was only just beginning. It’s a big job on our final day as we take everything off the islands ready for servicing, recycling or storing; it all has a home to go to!

It was during this move that I received a phone call from local birder Ian whilst I was in Seahouses harbour. The conversation went a bit like this…

“are you watching it?” enquired an inquisitive Ian on the telephone

“watching what” came my reply

“the Ivory Gull”

Stunned silence. “WHAT Ivory Gull!!?”

The bird had been discovered on nearby Seahouses Golf Course and moments later the entire Farnes ranger team had descended onto the nearby course to be confronted by a stunning first-winter Ivory Gull. These birds are very rare visitors from the high arctic and for most of us present; it was a ‘new’ bird. The team enjoyed some stunning views (down to 15m) although incredibly a second bird arrived later that afternoon.

It was a fitting way to finish what has been an incredible season and what luck we have had. Escaped the Farnes and within an hour, watching an Ivory Gull. It doesn’t get much better!

So there was even more to celebrate in Seahouses…to be continued….

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