Thursday 13 March 2014

Puffins Return

Puffins return to Farne waters

Very early; Shags with nest structures

Guillemots galore on the cliff-tops

Inner Farne looking mighty fine
Thursday 13th March comments: A brief visit to the Farne Islands yesterday produced more than expected as a lot of our seabirds have returned early. A good number of Puffins were discovered bobbing about the sea under the cliffs of Inner Farne whilst thousands of Guillemots were present. Even more surprising, Shag's were on next structures; all of this in complete contrast to last year.

The mild weather of recent has helped encourage birds back early and only time will tell if it's been a good move. March can still throw some poor weather our way, so I would not be surprised if these early returnees moved off again soon. However its a good sign and now we will all start asking the question; just how early will this season be?

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Unknown said...

It hasn’t come as a great surprise that we’ve discovered our first Shags on eggs today up at the lighthouse cliff on Inner Farne. With birds on well established nests when the rangers arrived last week, its only been a matter of time and today was the day!

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