Thursday 27 September 2012

Calming Farnes

Public bird ringing demos on Inner Farne (Will Scott) 

Young male Brambling in the hand (David Steel) 

Lesser Redpoll (David Steel) 

Barnacle Geese on the move

Thursday 27th September comments: Following the excitement of the storms and amazing birds of the last few days, a sense of normality started to return to the Farnes. The sea had finally calmed and boats sailed (the first time since Sunday) bringing visitors to the islands. The rangers got back into the swing of public engagement and worked together for the first time since the storm started. Not surprising, the White's Thrush remained high on the agenda, as everyone relived their moments, from the people who witnessed the amazing bird, to those who didn't. The story will become part of Farnes legend for those who were part of the 'Farnes White Thrush Day 2012' We were there, well almost. 

Today the conditions allowed for some public ringing demonstrations to be carried out on Inner Farne and plenty of birds were caught including Garden Warbler, Brambling and Lesser Redpoll amongst others. Visitors enjoyed the display although there was a general clear out of birds, with no sign of the Baird's Sandpiper or Red-breasted Flycatcher. However highlights included a lingering Turtle Dove, two Lapland Buntings and 251 Barnacle Geese, so still plenty to see.

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