Thursday 6 September 2012

Ring out the birds

Resident ringer Ciaran sorting rings (Bex Outram) 

Fully trained ringer Ciaran removing Willow Warbler from net (Bex Outram) 

Visitors watching and learning about the process of bird ringing (Bex Outram) 

Bird ringing in operation (Bex Outram)

Thursday 6th September comments: Throughout September (if weather allows) the ranger team will be participating in bird ringing activities on Inner Farne. As part of the scientific work we do, we'll be having ringing demonstrations to show people the process of ringing and why we do it.

Fully qualified rangers will be on hand to show visitors bird ringing and explain the science behind the work. Bird ringing is a vital piece of the ornithological jigsaw on the Farne Islands and it produces some astonishing results, like the fledged Arctic Tern which was discovered in Melbourne, Australia 100 days later or the 31 year old Puffin found on Staple Island. So if you want to see and learn more, choose a good day and visit the Farnes - we'll keep you informed of events and see you out here.  

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