Sunday 2 September 2012

Sunny September

Wall butterfly - one of many on show today (Will Scott) 

Lapwings heading over (Will Scott) 

Waders roosting at high tide (Will Scott)

Sunday 2nd September comments: It’s been a stunning day on the islands with the sun blazing (again!) complimenting the flat seas. For the birders amongst the team, it’s not exactly ideal weather but for the rest of us, it’s nice to have some good weather at long last.

The sunshine brought out a lot of butterflies (they’ve had a bad summer) but some noticeable highlights included a Dark Green Fritillary and several Wall Browns amongst others. Cetaceans were also on the move as five Porpoise were sighted in Inner Sound. On the bird front, 231 Lapwings was a very noticeable Farnes count (the second highest ever) as the group were discovered roosting on Knoxes Reef.

Where expecting a week of great weather, so if you’re looking for somewhere to visit, don’t go any further than the Farne islands. It’s brilliant!

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