Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Baird is the Word

 Plain but rare; moulting adult Baird's Sandpiper (David Steel)

First for the Farne Islands...Baird's Sandpiper (David Steel) 

5th record for Northumberland (David Steel) 

Eastern promise; Red-breasted Flycatcher (David Steel) 

On show, Red-breasted Flycatcher (David Steel) 

A stunner...juv Little Stint on Inner Farne (Graeme Duncan)  

Little Stint showing well (Graeme Duncan)

Wednesday 26th September comments: Those east winds were forecast from Sunday and they did not disappoint on the Farnes. Monday brought the news of a White’s Thrush on Inner Farne, which sent shock waves through the birding community. Tuesday brought a deluge of common migrants with a few scarcities thrown in for good measure

Today…another stunner; another first; a Baird’s Sandpiper. This small, plain American peep was discovered on Brownsman pond feeding alongside four Dunlin and was much appreciated by those who saw it (the same rangers who failed to see the White’s Thrush!). It joins the ranks of other American waders which have reached the Farne shores and what a beut it was.

Throughout the day, more birds arrived including a first-winter Red-breasted Flycatcher, another Little Stint and a good scattering of common migrants including Turtle Dove, Lapland and Snow Buntings. Another good day! This has been a good year for Farnes birding, with an impressive spring and the autumn is starting to really live up to reputation and with October still to play, lets see where we end up!

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