Saturday, 29 September 2012

The week that was

A few migrants still linger including Redstarts (Andy Denton) 

Autumn well and truly here - Snow Bunting on beach (Bex Outram) 

This was the week...that bird again - this really did happen! (Graeme Duncan)

Saturday 29th September comments: Its been an absorbing week with gales, birds and a mix of emotions. The westerly winds have started to prevail once again and migrant birds are clearing out. The Turtle Dove remains in residence although other birds are starting to go as just a handful remain including a scattering of Redstart, Wheatear and the odd warbler across the islands.

Looking back, the White's Thrush dominated headlines across the birding press and therefore I felt I should post yet another picture of it. Its certainly a stunner and will probably win 'bird of the year' hands down on the Farnes this year. It really was that good. However as the autumn progresses, our attention will focus on the Grey Seal pups...its that time of year again...

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