Wednesday 9 October 2013

7 Up!

Welcome to the world...Grey Seal pup

Hello world!

New born on the rocks

Wednesday 9th October comments: Despite the interchangeable weather, life on the Farnes is ticking along as normal (as normal as it can ever be). The seabirds have long gone, most to warmer climes further south (they have more sense!) as our attention now focuses on our Grey Seals.

Yesterday's weather allowed access to the Grey Seal nurseries and we were delighted to find not one, but seven pups; five on South Wamses and two on North Wames. These little bundles of joy are doing well alongside their attentive mothers and we'll soon have a lot more to shout about as we welcome in Seal season.

On a different note, a cast back to the seabird breeding season can be relived on tonight's episode of The Great British Year on BBC1 at 9pm - well worth watching especially the stunning Guillemot jumpling sequences.

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Elaine Housby said...

I am so happy to see the seals back by the quayside in Berwick regularly. Welcoming the seal breeding season always makes me feel better about the end of summer.