Friday 25 October 2013

It's a Seal life

Netherlands to Farnes in three weeks

Dots represent haul out site on north edge of Brownsman

Pregnant Grey Seal mums

Friday 25th October comments: our fiends and colleagues from the north coast of the Netherlands have forwarded some very interesting information in recent days regarding a pregnant female Grey Seal which they tagged in recent weeks. The animal has moved from the Netherlands to the Farnes as indicated by her recent movements:

27th September: departed Netherlands at 23:00

29th September: arrived British east coast, Suffolk 23:00

5th October: arrived Donna Nook (Lincolnshire)

6th October: departed northwards

9th October: arrived in north-east of England

21st October: arrived Farne Islands

22nd October: hauled out on Brownsman (Farne Islands)

Grey Seals are known to move around colonies, but with ever-improving technology, we can now follow individual animals on a daily basis to help us understand these fascinating animals even further. Nature, it’s amazing and so the next time you are visiting the Farnes, just pause for thought and be amazed, because we are.

Many thanks to Geert Aarts of the IMARES Wageningen UR & AEW Wageningen university, Netherlands who supplied this great information.

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