Wednesday 23 October 2013

Autumn leaves

our 'tatty' adult Peregrine remains and feeding well (Ian Fisher)

Four day star; our recent Olive-backed Pipit (Ian Fisher)

Double trouble: our recent two Little Buntings on Brownsman (David Kinchin-smith)

One of our nine Woodpeckers remains! (Graeme Duncan)
Wednesday 23rd October comments: Migration is gradually starting to wind down as the autumn progresses. Winter thrushes have replaced summer warblers and Grey seal pups have replaced Puffins and other seabirds. The Farnes is once again changing and soon we’ll be at the peak of the seal pupping season (where has time gone!).

Interestingly one of our Great Spotted Woodpeckers (a migrant Scandinavia bird) remains on the islands and was recaught yesterday. In the eight days since it was originally ringed, the bird has put on 11.5g of body weight, which is great news and shows just how important the Farnes can be at this time of year for hungry migrant birds looking for food and shelter.

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