Tuesday 1 October 2013

Boo Hoo-poe!

Big seas dominate (David Steel)

Little Bunting lingers for second day (David Steel)

Northern visitor; Mealy Redpoll showing well (David Steel)

Goldcrest eating spider (David Kinchin-smith)

Migrant Song Thrush and Redstart (David Steel)
Tuesday 1st October comments: Welcome to October. The winds have continued to blow from the south-east although have cranked up a notch today with mountainous seas pounding the islands. As a result the islands remained closed and it may be a few more days before we see any visitors or the outside world.

Birding has been productive again with the star bird of yesterday; the Little Bunting, still present on Brownsman with a supporting cast of Yellow-browed Warbler, two Lapland Buntings and Ring Ouzel across the islands. However we did miss out on one special visitor, as a Hoopoe was reported at nearby Bamburgh mid-morning. Had it flown over the islands? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, we didn’t see it. BOO HOO-POE!

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