Thursday, 3 October 2013

Simply the crest!

Little Firecracker!!!! (Bex Outram)

Hide and seek! Our first Firecrest in four years! (David Kinchin-Smith)
Thursday 03rd October comments: So, it’s been another wet, wild and windy day on the islands with big seas and strong winds. And with strong winds from the south-east come........ BIRDS!

It never ceases to amaze how migrant birds battle the elements and make the journey hundreds of miles across the sea to be here. This feat is particularly impressive in the case of the crest family. Goldcrests are common migrants on the islands and through our ringing studies, we know they migrate here from Scandinavia and they often weigh just five or six grams! Today we had some Goldcrests drop in and amongst them was an angry little sprite; a Firecrest! This is the first record since 2009 and another great bird for the islands. It was a new bird for some of the team and was enjoyed by all as it fed at close range. 

The weather is set to ease in the next few days so hopefully we’ll get some more migrant birds and some migrant visitors to share them with too! Our first seal pup is also still alive and well and going strong, feeding up and piling on the pounds. Soon it will have plenty of company as the seal season gets underway and there are little white bundles of joy all over the islands. It’s all go on Planet Farnes!

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