Sunday 30 March 2014

Shag Eggs!

Thats no fish....

Shags nest building last week

Stunning birds!
Sunday 30th March comments: Kick-off! It hasn’t come as a great surprise that we’ve discovered our first Shags on eggs today up at the lighthouse cliff on Inner Farne. With birds on well established nests when the rangers arrived last week, its only been a matter of time and today was the day!

In 2011 and 2012, the first eggs were laid on 23rd March but last season the poor late March weather delayed everything and the first eggs were not discovered until 29th April. So it appears we are back to an early start to the season. Following the collapse in the population (the breeding population halved in 2013) we really could do with a bumper year this year. Fingers crossed.


JoElizabeth said...

This is lovely to hear. I came mid-april last year and so upset to see how few birds there were nesting, compared to 2012 mid-april. I shall be with you again mid-april and am so looking forward to it, its always my favourite part of our yearly holiday to Northumberland. Thanks to all the hard workers on farne islands for all they do :)

Unknown said...

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Jane said...

We would like to visit the farne islands in early June. Will the puffins still be around?