Friday, 8 August 2014

Butterflies Galore!

Red Admirals galore (David Roche)

Small tortoiseshell (Nick Covarr)

Plenty of Red Admirals around (David Steel)

Wall butterfly (David Roche)

Migrant Painted lady (David Steel)
Friday 8th August comments: No one can deny it’s been a good summer; the sun has shone, the birds have thrived and huge numbers of visitors have enjoyed the Farne Islands. It’s not just the breeding seabirds which have enjoyed a bumper summer as other wildlife has done well.

Over the last week or so, we’ve had an emergence of butterflies on a grand scale with hundreds of Red Admirals on the wing alongside others including migrants like Painted Ladies. It’s evidently been a good summer for them (302 Red Admirals counted on one transect on Inner Farne alone!) and this back’s up last years good showing.

This is all good news for the biodiversity of the Farnes and long may it continue!

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