Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wag the Tail!

Eastern promise; Citrine Wagtail (David Kinchin-smith)

Farnes 6th Citrine Wagtail (David Kinchin-smith)

Mixing it with the waders (David Kinchin-smith)

Preening on Brownsman (David Kinchin-smith)

Thursday 28th August comments: Its been coming. After several months of settled weather we can safely say the autumn is now with us (from a bird migration point of view!). In the last few days the winds have switched to the east with the end result of dropping migrant birds onto the Farnes.

A scattering of common migrants were discovered before mid-afternoon produced the bird of the autumn (so far!). An immature Citrine Wagtail was discovered on Brownsman favouring the mudflats on the pond. The bird is a rare eastern migrant and follows on from two last year. Overall it is the sixth Citrine Wagtail to reach the Farnes following the first in 1989.

With more east winds predicted, what else will arrive….

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Lovely photos.