Sunday, 17 August 2014

Migration Magic!

The bird of birds...the male Red-flanked Bluetail on Longstone, Farnes September 1998
(thanks to ex-warden Mark Cornish - the finder of this stunning bird!)

Robin in the hand
Sunday 17th August comments: As the seabirds move off, the islands will change into a motor-way service station for migrant birds. Over the next few months, millions of small passerine birds leave the northern hemisphere for warmer climes in the south and the Farnes acts as a fuelling station as birds will stop off to feed up on the vast crop of caterpillars and insects on the islands.

During this exciting time, literarily anything can arrive from the commonest Robin to the incredibly rare Red-flanked Bluetail. It’s all to play for and during this period we’ll be running bird walks and bird ringing events for people to enjoy the amazing spectacle so come along and find out more. It’s never dull on Planet Farnes…

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