Monday 18 August 2014

Pups At The Ready!

Adult Grey Seal on Brownsman (David Andrews)

Checking us out...Grey Seal on the look out (Graeme Duncan)

Nearly ready to pup

Monday 18th August comments: Whilst the seabirds have been busy, the visitors have been visiting and the rangers have been ranging, one Farnes animal has gone largely unnoticed. The Atlantic Grey Seal.

The Farnes are home to some 5,000 Grey Seals (although you won’t see them all at the same time) but during the autumn months ‘pups’ (young Seals) are born across the rocky Farnes. Throughout the summer months, pregnant cow seals have been fattening up whilst letting the world go by…but not for much longer.

It’s only a matter of six weeks before the birth of the first pup on the Farnes and once they pop, they won’t stop! And then be warned, Seal season 2014 will begin.

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