Monday, 4 August 2014

Pink Perfection

Adult Roseate Tern, Inner Farne

Looking good in the evening light

Family party; adult and chick

Not one...several!

Monday 4th August comments: Its been a few (sad) years since Roseate Terns lasted attempted to breed on the Farne Islands and almost the entire British population of this endangered seabird now nest on nearby Coquet Island (85 pairs).

However at this time of year; family parties disperse from Coquet and use the Farnes as a staging post on their migration. Over the last few days the jetty area on Inner Farne has been filled with the sound of Roseate’s and today we counted twenty-nine individuals.

The birds show extremely well (down to a matter of a few feet at times) and are very photogenic. If you’re looking for yet more excuses to visit the islands, then you have one; come and visit and enjoy this rare and distinct visitor. Its rosy heaven. 

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Toby Carter said...

Next year will they successfully breed on the Farnes with Coquet having such a good breeding season?