Sunday 3 August 2014

White-beaked Dolphins!

White-beaked Dolphin off the Farnes (Bobby Pearson)

Moving alongside the boat (Bobby Pearson)

Great views of a fantastic animal (Bobby Pearson)

Sunday 3rd August comments: The sea’s around the Farnes are teeming with life and this year the breeding season has been a huge success for our seabirds due directly to the amount of prey (sand-eels) which has been available (its been phenomenal). As a consequence, it’s also been a great year for cetaceans.

Since mid-April, we’ve had a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins which have been roaming along the north-east coast and at times, were been recorded daily from the Farnes. The first Minke Whale of the summer arrived with us last week (hopefully the first of many) and yesterday our second sighting of White-beaked Dolphins occurred.

A pod of up to ten animals were spotted just south of the Farnes and remained to feed for several hours allowing visitors to enjoy the great spectacle. The photos above were provided by Bobby Pearson, skipper of Glad Tidings I – showing just how well they were showing!

With the rest of August and September to go, what else will be seen? Come on you Orca’s!

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