Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bowled Over

The cars being prepared at Seahouses harbour

Bowling Green twitch - birders in action 

'Steely' in action - public work even at twitches 

A happy team at Hartlepool having successfully twitched the Orphean Warbler

Wednesday 30th May comments: Hartlepool headland, the 33rd Farne Island (or so it is becoming). Yesterday during visiting hours, the birders amongst the ranger team received news that Britains' 6th Orphean Warbler had been discovered at Hartlepool Headland (about 1.5hrs south of the Farnes). After a brief discussion it was decided those amongst the team who were interested, would set off south after work to view this rare visitor.

This time last year, we had a very similar experience as we went to Hartlepool Headland for another very rare bird; a White-throated Robin. Little did we expect to be heading south to the same venue, almost one year on to do it all over again. However soon after 6:30pm, the ranger team arrived complete with scopes and bins to join a reasonable sized crowd on a bowling green at Hartlepool. You couldn't make it up but this really was happening.  

This bizarre setting must have been even more strange for the Orphean Warbler, which originates from the warmer climes of the southern Mediterranean. However soon after everyone was enjoying good views of this unique visitor and following the great success, a very happy team returned to the Farnes to celebrate another Hartlepool success. So watch out Hartlepool, same time, same place, a new mega rarity in 2013; the Farnes Rangers are coming!!

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