Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Full swing

Male Eiders trying to impress 

Chill out time 

Still present in good numbers - Purple Sandpipers 

Arctic Terns displaying

Wednesday 9th May comments: The Farnes are now in full swing as the seabird breeding season is well upon us. Today brought a pair of Roseate Terns to Inner Farne (the first sighting of the year) and fingers crossed that a pair will stick around to breed. Arctic Terns continue to arrive in large numbers with birds settling on the breeding colonies with Sandwich Terns still increasing in number.

Our long-staying Wryneck is still here (first seen on 26th April!), with good numbers of Purple Sandpipers found on the rocky islands. Interestingly we have had very few Swallows this year - a result of northerly winds dominating and blocking migration? Hopefully that will all change and looking at the forecast, that change could be about to happen...and not for the better.

Breaking news...first Eider ducklings tonight on Inner Farne!! Early!

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