Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunny Seabirds

Bird strike with a difference...

Incoming adult Arctic Tern

Kittiwake in flight 

Pair of Eiders 

Thrift in flower 

Inner Farne's Icterine Warbler showing well

Thursday 24th May comments: What is going on? Four days of good weather (albeit thick fog at times today) but we feel blessed and a bit sun burnt. The seabirds have responded well to the good weather and at long last it feels the breeding season is going in the right direction.

A flash-back to the previous few weeks came in the form of an Icterine Warbler on Inner Farne, otherwise migrant birds were few and far between. The Farnes are splendid place to visit and looking at the forecast, we are in for a good few weeks of splendid weather and long may it continue!  

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Elaine Housby said...

I have just discovered your wonderful blog, thanks to the mention in this week's Berwick Advertiser. The photos are gorgeous. I am fascinated by seals and keen to learn more about them. Recently I started writing a little blog myself about Berwick and last week I posted some pictures of the seal which has become a fixture beside the bridge here. I appealed for information on why it's behaving like that, but no one's replied. Could you possibly explain it to me, either on your own blog or by commenting on mine at I would really appreciate it.