Sunday, 27 May 2012

Short-toed Delight

Short-toed delight (Graeme Duncan) 

Short-toed Lark on Brownsman (Graeme Duncan) 

One very interesting Red-breasted Flycatcher (Will Scott)

Red-breasted Flycatcher on Brownsman (Andy Denton) 

Second spring Wood Sandpiper (Bex Outram)

Sunday 27th May comments: It’s just been one of those crazy hectic days on the Farnes (but we don't expect anything less out here). The team were celebrating their first 'full' week (the weather didn't close us this week) although it was slightly dampened by the thick fog which remained all day (whilst everywhere else basked in glorious sunshine!). Regardless the show went on and both visitors and seabirds have been enjoying the fine, settled weather which has been dominating recently.
However with easterly winds, the focus went back to the migrant birds... Yesterday Brownsman pulled in a first-summer male Red-breasted Flycatcher, the second this spring (and a very interesting bird…) whilst the nearby pond witnessed both Wood and Common Sandpipers together. It’s been a cracking spring for rare and unusual migrants and today went even one better…

Today the islands have been shrouded in thick fog and late afternoon the boys on the outer group discovered a little gem – a Short-toed Lark. This southern European species has only occurred on the Farnes on eight previous occasions (the last record was in 2001) and although the bird was flighty, it showed well for all admiring rangers. The day wasn’t complete with the Mediterranean theme, as a Little Egret was noted over Inner Farne as dusk approached.

So warm hot weather, flat seas, seabirds doing well and rare migrant birds still coming in – we can’t ask for anything more!

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