Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gardening Greats

The 'Nunnington Four'; Nigel, Nick, Mark and Gary (David Steel) 

Rubble removed (David Steel) 

The hard work begins (David Steel) 

Ground cleared and ready to plant (David Steel) 

 Mark sorting the fruit trees (David Steel)
Taking shape - the veg garden transformed (David Steel) 

Plants at the ready (David Steel)

Nick planting onions (David Steel) 

The final touch - Grey Starling (Da vid Steel)

Wednesday 16th May comments: A ranger’s life on the Farnes is never dull. We live and work together for nine months of the year, without running water or mains electricity and home comforts are few and far between. However a team of experts have been transforming a small piece of Inner Farne to help improve life on the Farnes.

The gardening team from Nunnington Hall (National Trust) in North Yorkshire have been working hard to restore one of our vegetable gardens on Inner Farne. The team arrived yesterday following a very turbulent crossing (a heavy sea was running) and they have worked their socks off since.

During that period they weeded, dug and removed almost ¾ ton of rubble before constructing, planting and watering the garden to bring the place to life. It means so much to the resident ranger team as we will have fresh fruit and veg in the future as well as taking pride in having a restored vegetable garden.

This could not have happened without the great work and support of the ‘Nunnington Four’ who made everything possible and worked so hard: Nick Frazer, Mark Gerrand-Jones, Nigel Dunn and Gary Talbot. A big thank you from the all the Farnes team! It was a job well done and something that will go a long way in improving island life. To the Nunnington team: we salute you, a small patch of the Farne Islands off the north Northumberland coast is now yours. Thank you!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Never mind the fesh fruit and veg think of the habitat!

Jason Moss said...

Ha, a man that speaks sense! Just in time for a spring Rustic...

Tim Sexton said...

Get a bee hive then we can have Farne Honey!

Sarah said...

That's amazing! What a difference it's made! At least now there'll be have more than Jason's sluggy cabbages...