Sunday, 13 May 2012

Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours now on eggs (David Steel) 

Arctic Tern (Andy Denton) 

Black Guillemot on show (Bex Outram) 

Resident Ranger Graeme showing visitors the Black Guillemot

Sunday 13th May comments: It’s been yet another eventful day on the islands, as there have been lots of talking points and headline news. Manchester City may have just won the Premiership, but it was our own ‘noisy neighbours’ which were making headlines.

Having returned to the islands in late April, Arctic Terns have been settling on the islands in recent weeks and today, our first egg was discovered. In true Farnes style (and despite having the entire island to choose from) the first egg was discovered on the pathway in the courtyard entrance (with a new ‘extended’ fenceline appearing soon after!). So it has begun, and now we wait for mass laying - then the Tern attacks will start. Ladies and gentlemen, hats at the ready please.

Other breeding bird news included Fulmars now on eggs, Sandwich Terns continuing to increase on the ‘new’ colony on central meadow, Shags continuing to actively feed growing young and Puffins gradually re-housing following the flooding of the previous week.

Migrant birds continue to impress, with today’s star bird involving a summer plumage Black Guillemot which showed well for visitor’s mid-afternoon. The bird even walked along the rocks at one stage, disturbing a pair of Roseate Terns in the process. A small scattering of passage migrants remain from mid-weeks ‘fall’ including Redstart and Pied Flycatcher, whilst a summer plumage Little Gull was also a noticeable highlight.

It’s been another good day, although we could do with an improvement in the weather, but I’ve been saying that for some time. Roll on week three of May.


Neil Calbrade Photography said...

I can't say I approve of that headline Mr Steel!!!!

kezia said...

still hoping to get over in July hat at the ready ,can only get over on Saturday PM as no landings in the AM's so have to get down from Aviemore before the last boat !!! So David if you have any ideas ? great pics thank you and do read all the posts even if I dont comment , so much going on at the moment