Saturday, 26 May 2012


Puffins enjoying the sun (at long last!) 

Guillemots on a flat sea 

 Eider ducklings continue to appear

1, 2, 3...the population counts will begin... 

Visitors enjoying Staple Island (and the weather!)

Saturday 26th May comments: It really does feel like we have turned the corner. The sun has been shining all week, the sea has been flat and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Following almost seven weeks of unsettled weather (which felt like an eternity), we are on the verge of completing our first 'seven day' week without being closed. It's been that bad. However were all enjoying the settled conditions and long may it continue.

For the ranger team, we are about to go into 'over-drive'. As the seabird breeding started in earnest in mid-March, we are pulling forward the counting of the populations and we begin Monday. What does this mean? The team will be starting at 6am for two consecutive weeks, counting all nesting seabirds which breed on the islands...all 82,000 pairs. This is on top of the usual work (visitors, monitoring, research, ringing, and management work to name but a few) so we'll be working flat out. However it's all for a great cause and if you get the chance, come and visit to see it all happening.

During this period, we'll also be checking the Puffins to see what effect it had on Brownsman where I suspect I'll be bringing you bad news. However the Farnes will always continue to surprise me so fingers crossed and watch this space.


Friend of HK said...

Wish I could be there to help~ Good luck!

Elaine Housby said...

Thank you so much for replying to my request for information on seals. Unfortunately the email address you left does not seem to work. I've tried three times and it bounces every time. Could you please check the address in the comment you left?