Sunday 17 March 2013

Danio Day Two

Low tide and stuck fast... (William Shiel)

High and dry, MV Danio (William Shiel)

The name will go down in Farnes history (William Shiel)

Lifeboat remains vigilant (William Shiel)
Sunday 17th March comments: Just a brief update - the ship MV Danio remains on the Harcars/Blue Caps this morning although plans and discussions are taken place to remove her to safety. At present, in its current state, there is no spillage or leakage and thankfully the boat poses very little threat to the wildlife of the Farnes. More news to follow when we have it.

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Adrian Brockless said...

What on earth was it doing there in the first place? There are two lighthouses nearby (one right next to it) and, doubtless, the ship has plenty of equipment capable of detecting large islands (even if the captain had never consulted a chart in his life). If the ship suffered engine failure, why was there no May-Day call? - A distress call was only made once it had struck the island.