Sunday 10 March 2013

Seven Up

Home for nine months: Inner farne Pele tower

Also home: Brownsman cottage

Sunday 10th March comments: Next Sunday will officially see the Farnes ‘season’ begin as the team will venture from all four corners of the UK to begin life back as Farne Island rangers. It’s been four months since the team went their separate ways in early December but from Hertfordshire to the Isles of Scilly from Motherwell to Sheffield, the team of eight will be returning to start all over again.

As usual we’ll be spending the first four days on the mainland before heading back to the islands to prepare for the busy season ahead and as ever, the Farnes blog will be bringing you all the news and views from the islands.

So it’s onwards and upwards and if any of my team are reading this – enjoy your final week, the hard work is just about to begin. Farne islands 2013 here we come.

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