Sunday, 24 March 2013

Desperate Danio

Longstone, Brownsman and the MV Danio

Tug waiting to help

Islands remain closed - we open to the public on 29th March!

Sunday 24th March comments: Another day, another gale and another cold team (but we’re happy!). The MV Danio remains in place, solid and fixed to the spot despite the weather as the storm continues to batter the islands. The heavy duty tug remains in place nearby (what an ordeal that must be, with no shelter in this storm) and ready for action when the weather allows (hopefully Tuesday). We’ll keep monitoring the situation and hopefully all will end well, with the removal of the ship.

The wintry weather continues to dominate as gale force easterly winds are bringing some impress mountainous seas and huge swell. Alongside this, the birding still has a ‘wintry feel’ as a Little Auk was seen in Inner Sound and the Glaucous Gull reappeared over the islands; giving the islands an arctic blast. Other highlights included 20 Goldeneye, 6 Long-tailed Duck, Peregrine, Merlin and 2 Woodcock.

So onwards, we’ll continue to battle on and prepare the islands for opening, whenever that may be. Stay tuned for more news and action from the islands, whether it be freezing rangers, the latest news on the MV Danio or an influx of migrant birds; there’s always something happening out here!


Unknown said...

About 30 dead puffins found along the shore (((

kezia said...

Very very sad about dead birds being found - what is happening ?? is it just weather related or something else ? loved the Tweet about the Polar Bear made me laugh I do hope the weather improves soon for you all