Thursday 14 March 2013

Heading back

Back with us soon...Sandwich Terns

Still some way off...Arctic Terns

Thursday 14th March comments: We are still counting down the days and the weekend start is looming. We’ve already got staff on the move and by Sunday the team will be back ready for another Farne season. It’s not just the rangers who are on the move as thousands of Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins will be heading back to the islands over the next week or two to join our resident Shags and Fulmars.

Having spent the winter in West Africa the first Sandwich Terns will arrive in late March (not that far away!) and I often consider that the Terns have got the right idea during the winter months…they head for the sun. We are still some way off our first Arctic Tern arrivals (will be back with us by 15th April) as they’ll still be winging their way north up the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s a time of change and for the ranger team, a big change, as island life beckons for another summer. Planet Farnes here we come.

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