Thursday, 28 March 2013

Danio Delight

Its not much to look at...but this is the tug (left) and the MV Danio (right) clear of the Farnes

Free and moving away; the MV Danio
Thursday 28th March comments (4am): I can bring everyone some great news as the MV Danio has been successfully recovered from the Farne Islands. During the early hours of this morning (at 03:00) the Ship was pulled clear by the powerful tug Lomax. The Ship is currently (as I write) two miles north of the Farne Islands and being towed to safety to the Port of Blyth, bringing closure to this twelve day ordeal.

It is huge relief that everything has gone smoothly with the operation and I will bring you more news later today. Its a great result for everyone concerned and now we can concentrate on our seabirds. The Danio is gone.

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Cracking news regarding the stricken ship, hope more birds arrive soon, indeed it is awful the amount of seabirds being found dead. 43 Puffin, 10 Guillemots and 3 Razorbills on the beach in Scarborough yeaterday!!
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