Thursday 28 March 2013

Final moments

It may not look much, but it means a lot, the MV Danio on her way south

The MV Danio (left) heading south at 04:45 pulled by the tug Lomax (right) leaves Farnes waters

Thursday 28th March comments (8am update): Its been a long night and even a longer eleven days, but the MV Danio has eventually gone. The power tug the Lomax pulled the MV Danio clear of the islands and after two miles, ropes were readjusted and eventually the journey south away from Farne waters began. The photos are not great, but it counts, the Danio is clear. It has also been confirmed that no spillage or leakage of any substance was detected during the very successful operation.

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Laura said...

Excellent News, what a good job they have done.