Wednesday 6 March 2013

Marching on...

Puffin: Nuffin - quiet on the 'western front'

Still closed but looking grand - Inner Farne

BBC cameraman Lindsay (filming empty cliffs!)

Welcome to the Farnes - Lindsay get his feet wet
Wednesday 6th March comments: Another day passes and we get ever closer to returning and opening the Farnes for the new season. Its hard to believe that in fifteen days time the ranger team will return and in twenty-three days time we'll be open for the summer. In that time, thousands of Guillemots, Razorbills and Puffins will be back and we'll be in full swing - so come and join us, its going to be good!

Yesterday I made a brief visit to the islands with BBC cameraman Lindsay to finish off some shots of 'empty cliffs' (plenty of those about at the moment) and it's evident the Shag 'wreck' has reached the shores of Northumberland, as the body count is now sixteen (a significant number for this area) and is part of the wider Shag 'wreck' along the east coast of Scotland.

On the bird front, two Peregrines remained in residence, whilst the singing Twite was seen and heard on Inner Farne. Other highlights included two Snow Buntings alongside a handful of wrens, Blackbirds and Song Thurshes.

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