Friday, 17 May 2013

Little brother is watching you...

It's a magical moment, and one that few people have ever seen: a puffin has been caught in the act of laying an egg on one of Inner Farne's new 'BurrowCams'. The mum-to-be was observed by rangers contracting heavily and acting rather uncomfortable, and over 10 minutes later after a lot of shuffling around, she laid a single white egg in her nesting chamber.

Both adults have since taken it in turns to incubate the developing egg, and hopefully in five to six weeks we'll see the chick hatch and be able to follow its development into a fully fledged puffling!

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Norfolk Coast National Trust said...

So great to be able to watch such a fantastic bit of footage. What a great idea to put a nestcam in a Puffin burrow.