Wednesday 29 May 2013

Oh Shrikey!

Butcher bird on show (Will Scott)

Showing usual (David Kinchin-smith)
A stunning male (David Kinchin-smith)

Butcher bird on view (Will Scott)

Ranger team enjoying the newly arrived  visitor
Wednesday 29th May comments: Its been a busy period of recent with lots going on although a change in wind direction today resulted in rough seas and fewer people visiting (but thankfully this will be short lived and the forecast looks great!).

However the ranger team were not disappointed tonight as a stunning male Red-backed Shrike arrived on Inner Farne and in true Shrike form, showed very well, often perched on dock stems whilst hunting the local insect population. These carnivorous migrants are known as 'butcher birds' as they impale their prey on thorns (which acts as a larder) and are seen annually down the east coast (and the Farnes has already boasted a female two weeks ago). Alongside the shrike, a small number of other common migrants also arrived including Reed Warbler, Garden Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat.

As the weather is due to settle again (the weekend is looking very good), we can hopefully look forward to more warm weather and then we'll be into June and the seabirds will take centre stage. Bring it on.  

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