Friday 24 May 2013

Simply the Best

Puffins on eggs and back in huge numbers

Not one or two....thousands...

Bench out of action....nesting Eider

Razorbills now on eggs

Guillemot chicks wont be far from hatching (David Kinchin-smith)

Back....Arctic Terns will be pecking heads soon....

At last! Kittiwakes on eggs.

Low in number but still plenty to see; Shags

Friday 24th May comments: If you are are looking for somewhere to go this week, or unsure about weather, do not worry, the Farne Islands will be open and its going to be spectacular - trust me, I know these things. The weeks forecast is suggesting light winds (and even some sunshine!), the sea state should be good to sail and the breeding seabirds are doing their thing. It is a must this week - the Farne Islands, get it pencilled in.

For all those wanting to know, here is a quick seabird update....

Puffins - present in huge numbers, all now nesting and we've even got a live 'Puffin Cam' beaming images from a nest

Eiders - numbers appear up from last year and plenty nesting (one even nesting under a bench)

Arctic Terns - now on eggs so bring a hat - you have been warned!

Sandwich Tern - the colony is increasing daily but over 500 pairs now nesting on Inner Farne

Shag - the population has reduced but still plenty nesting

Razorbill - all now on eggs

Guillemots -  thousands present on eggs and the first chicks could be hatching later this week

Kittiwakes - finally now on eggs! Its full steam ahead.

So there you go. The Farnes will be open daily and in words of a certain Mr Bill Oddie recently "There are just a few places that I would recommend to anyone and feel absolutely confident that they would have an unforgettable experience.

The Farne Islands in Northumberland is – or are – one of them. 'I’d recommend April to early September, with June and July for maximum bird activity. I have visited sea bird colonies all round the world and believe me the Farnes are the best place to literally walk amongst terns, shags, kittiwakes and the photogenic and endlessly entertaining puffins. Simply the best."

So there you go. Get yourself here. The Farne Islands, the best in the business.


Silverback said...

In case you didn't know about this -

Also I hope to visit the area on my drive from Leeds to John O'Groats as I want my own Puffin experience !

Unknown said...

Excellent afternoon spent on farne, the hour passed far too fast,
I went with billy shiels again, very good service