Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring Forward

Sedge Warbler drops in on the Farnes (Will Scott)

Several Whitethroats arrived today (David Kinch-smith)

Wheatears continue to arrive (David Kinch-smith)
Blackcap on show (Bex Outram)

Wednesday 1st May comments: We welcomed the first day of May and it proved to be a cracker. The seabirds were present in good numbers whilst migrant birds started arriving following a hint of an east wind.

On the seabird breeding front, there was some big news for our Puffins as we discovered our first eggs, joining Guillemots and Shags for species which are now incubating. The good news means Puffins will now settle and be present on the islands over the next three months and it will also mean we can look forward to a full population census. Team are you ready?

After a slow April, the hint of an easterly wind brought a plethora of migrants to the islands including several species recorded for the first time this year. From Sedge Warblers on open rocks on Longstone End to Whitethroats scattered across Inner Farne, it’s been a good day. We are now into May and anything is possible, anything.

Highlights today; Peregrine 1 seen taking a Puffin, Barnacle Goose 1 west, Shelduck 4, Shoveler one male, Black Guillemot summer plumage lingering, Black-tailed Godwit 25 summer plumage circled Inner Farne (first of the year), Common Sandpiper on Longstone (first of the year), Snipe, Wood Pigeon on Longstone, Sand Martin 2, ‘White’ Wagtail, Whinchat male (first of the year), Wheatear 19, Redwing, Grasshopper Warbler on Brownsman (first of the year), Sedge Warbler 2 (first of the year), Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler 3, Blackcap 12, Whitethroat 6 (first of the year) and Siskin 3.

Breeding Birds news:

Arctic Terns displaying over the islands

Sandwich Terns over 300 now in roost

First Puffin eggs discovered on Inner Farne

First Greater Black-backed Gull eggs

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