Monday 27 May 2013

Coming to a head near you....

Arctic Tern at sunset 

Welcome back and now on eggs...Arctic Terns

Coming to a head near you! Arctic Terns - you have been warned

Looking at me? Puffins galore

Puffins on parade
Monday 27th May comments: Welcome to planet Farnes. The Arctic Terns are back, you have been warned. With up to 2,000 pairs, the Farne Islands are a crucial colony for this long distant migrant and with birds now on eggs, it won't be long before full head pecking will commence. If you ever wondered how bad it gets, then take it from me, wear a hat because if you don't, you'll know about it.

It's great to have them back, on eggs and settled for the summer and we'll look forward to working with these stunning birds. It's not just the terns which are settled, as all the seabirds are now on eggs so the ranger team are now in full flow; busy with visitors and busy with birds. We've got Puffins to count, seabirds to ring and people to talk too. Come along and say hello, we'll be delighted to share our knowledge about this wonderful place.

If you've got a free night, then why not come along to our exclusive ranger talk in Bamburgh tomorrow night (Tuesday evening). Doors open at the cricket pavilion at 19:15 (for a 19:30 start) with teas & coffees served. We are charging £4 for entry and all money raised will be going towards our conservation work on the islands. It should be fun!


Science at Coates said...

Wooly hat with bubblewrap undrneath my recommendation.

Rod Smith said...

Thanx for your tip!